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Important Note - Please Read: The past year or so has been a busy period for me (in a good way) - I am sorry to say that I'm not currently able to take on new private coaching clients on a regular basis, or provide free initial coaching consultations until further notice. Openings do come up now and then, so if you are interested in private coaching, I still encourage you to contact me - and I'll be sure to let you know if an opening is available - or if one is expected to be available at a later date.

Common Coaching Program Questions

Q. What type of e-mail correspondence should I expect as a coaching client?
A. My e-mail coaching style is unique and different from what you might suspect at first glance. I do not simply write one or two-line messages in response to your questions. All responses are very carefully considered - and great care is taken to provide detailed correspondence specific to your questions and coaching plan. I really enjoy writing and work hard (and smart) to write (and coach) clearly and directly.

Most clients also receive customized audio tracks for both meditation and hypnosis. All audio materials are created within our sound studio.

Q. Do you accept all clients who apply?
No. Due to schedule constraints and other commitments, I can only accept a very limited number of coaching clients. If you are interested in working with me, the first step is to contact me so we can find out if we'll be a good match. Even if we agree to begin to work together, you will have to commit (and remain committed) to the process. Success as a coaching client requires commitment and directed action on your part -- so make sure you are ready to give it your all before you begin.

Q. What type of things will I learn from being coached?

A. Coaching is not as much about learning as it is DOING. Yes, you will learn a lot more about yourself in the process (that is unavoidable), but the overall purpose is to take action! There are thousands of books that you can get freely from the library or online that can provide you with all you'd ever need to know about personal development -- But all the information in the world will have little value unless you find it, act on it and USE it! Reading and thinking about it is just an intellectual process -- but action is where the magic happens.

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